Saturday, November 12, 2016

To my brothas. I know sometimes it looks like life is stomping on your manhood and leaving you with few options and choices on how to stay alive and how to survive but just know that you are strong, intelligent creations of the universe and it is no coincidence that you are still alive and breathing to have another chance at greatness. I must say I love you and with every hurt, pain and disappointment I feel the weight of your tears and sweat and lay you on the alter for healing so keep ya head up help is always in your atmosphere but every time you triumph and have a victory I am somewhere sending out a tribal yell to the creator for your blessings! YES IT'S TRUE I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!



Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bathing in the thoughts of you....wanting to feel the tidal wave of ecstasy that is you...fighting to hide my emotion I cover my eyes so that you can't look into my soul...but you have already seen me...naked and transparent...humble yet aggressive...submissive yet have read between my lines...and you are still in my corner knowing that I am perfectly imperfect with a boldness...I feel you embrace me using only your thoughts and I feel's more than just a's kindred beings whose hearts beat on the same rhythm...our auras are on the same frequency...even in my weakness you see me as a baby when you reflect on our moments...remember that I am the reflection of your beauty